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Know-edge consultants are the leading consultants in Israel in the areas of Knowledge Management, Process Improvement and Information Systems.
The company offers i’s customers a team of very experienced experts, with unique expertise of working with various organizations.
Know-edge consultants led a variety of projects, including I Bank Leumi, Israel Electrical Company, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of health, IDF (including The air force, navy, intelligence, and various branches of the army), Israeli police force, Israel’s Aircraft Industries, Rafael, Mekorot, Maaz, Israel securities authority, Holon municipality, Netafim, NDS, NICE, Amdocs, Medimop, Galor, etc.

The stength of KnowEdge

Know-edge consultants have a unique capability in supplying end-to-end solutions in two dimensions:
  • From planning and design through implementation and development to adoption and continuous work with the organization
  • From technology (infrastructure, development), through process analysis and methodology, to "soft issues" (change management, dealing with resistance, adoption plans)
The basic strengths of Know-edge consultants are:
  • Processes – Expertise in process analysis as a base for various projects: Needs analysis, Gaps analysis, Design projects, Process improvement projects, Choice of tools, etc. A successful understanding of the processes enable us to recommend how to make the processes more efficient and more effective, to suit the information systems to the work processes, and to achieve successful adoption of tools and processes in the organization.
  • Technology – Expertise in a large number of technologies including SharePoint, .Net. Graphic tools, KM technologies, BI technologies, Cellular, etc
  • Organizational culture / people – Rich experience in adoption processes, change management, dealing with resistance, etc.
  •  Information architecture – Unique expertise in developing organizational taxonomy and information architecture based on the different views of different target audiences in the organization, successful retrieval parameters, the nature of the processes, and permissions  policy. Good information architecture is a Critical Success Factor in the development of successful solutions.
  • Project management – Large experience in the management of complex projects. This experience is vital in projects that combine various infrastructures and a number of teams (representing the customer and different suppliers)
The unique strength of Know-edge is the ability to include all the above in a single project. This capability allows us to create a common language among all the parties that take part in the project, and enables smooth interfaces between different parts and phases f the project.

Fields of exprtise

·         Document management
·         Organizational portals
·         Organizational search
·         Bi and KPIs
·         SharePoint 2010, including שדרוג
·         Content integration
·         Needs analysis and Gap analysis processes
·         Design and development of Information systems (including cellular systems)
·         Developing operational systems using KM technologies
·         Solutions for call centers
·         Learning solutions, including LMSs and distance learning
·         Adoption projects
·         Content migration projects
·         User experience
·         Social media, including social networks
·         Task management
·         Lesson learning processes
·         Knowledge capture
·         Communities of practice
·         Organizational consulting & process improvement
·         Procedures writing
·         Strategic consulting to KM leaders
·         Preparing the organization for times of uncertainty